We manufacture with high-tech and state-of-the-art fabrics in order to offer you the perfect garment for skiing.

We are passionate about this sport and we strive to achieve the maximum. We take care of our garments from the ergonomic 3D pattern to the last detail: thermosealed seams, waterproof zips, lycra cuffs, adjustable hoods, lots of specific pockets,… Comfort and convenience are the principle of our base.



The first thing is good outer protection and our 2, 2.5 and 3 layer membranes with 20k/20K and 30K/30K ratings have the highest waterproofness and breathability on the market according to JIS studies that will keep you dry and protected from the worst of the weather.

At Tsunami we use the most innovative materials developed specifically for skiing. Our fabrics are constantly evolving in collaboration with our suppliers to achieve the best solution for each garment.


Neither hot nor cold, the optimum temperature.

At Tsunami we work with the best and varied thermal insulators to offer the right warmth for each situation. We take advantage of the best of each material and minimise its defects.

In addition, we carefully select the right materials and weights for each area of the body and with bodymapping we adjust the needs according to the area, as well as freeing them for better mobility.

Every day is different and our first layers and our midlayers in different weights equip you for every occasion.


We design and develop all our products with 3D technology to offer maximum comfort, performance and adaptability to movement.

Our 3D patterns adapt to the anatomical shapes and positions of the ski and combine it with the maximum stretch fabric in 4Way for true freedom of movement.


Toray Industries Entrant Dermizax Lamination waterproof and breathable fabric is a microporous membrane that offers superior waterproofness, high breathability and elasticity. It is a pioneer in this technology.

ENTRANT features a microporous structure to block rainwater while allowing moisture to escape, making it a pioneer in breathable waterproof materials.

The hydrophobic lamination keeps you dry and comfortable with its superior levels of moisture permeability and low condensation.

Waterproofness: 20,000 mm H2O

Breathability: 10,000 g/m2 – 24h


XT-PREMIUM is our best membrane, with maximum moisture breathability and low condensation.

Waterproofing: 30,000 mm H2O

Breathability: 30,000 g/m2 – 24h

Advanced treatments make our fabrics enhance extreme wind stop waterproof performance and high breathability. The high membrane with a specific technical coating provides efficient moisture wicking and low condensation control in perfect balance.


XT-4WAY STRETCH is a supreme membrane with the highest levels of all-round stretch, wind stop waterproofness and efficiency, providing moisture wicking and low condensation.

Waterproofness: 20,000 mm H2O

Breathability: 20,000 g/m2 – 24h

The 4WAY Stretch Tsunami membrane is a stretch fabric, so you can feel more comfortable and flexible during your extreme activity. It uses polymer molecular movement to efficiently expel perspiration vapour and disperse it throughout the fabric. When the temperature and humidity inside increase sufficiently the vapour molecules caused by perspiration are forced out through the hydrophilic zones of the membrane.


3 Layer is a technical membrane with high levels of waterproofing, wind stop performance and excellent moisture wicking and low condensation.

Waterproofness: 20,000 mm H2O

Breathability: 20,000 g/m2 – 24h


SCHOELLER® WB-400 Soft Shell is freedom of movement in all weathers. Because Schoeller WB-400 fabric offers maximum stretch, wearing comfort and all-weather protection. The ideal combination of high-tech fibres with Lyora® on the outside allows for better and easier movement. While the built-in acrylic coating keeps out snow, rain and wind, the cosy inside touches the skin with a pleasantly soft and warm fabric. You can expect more from Schoeller® WB-400 permanent stretch, shape retention resistant to snow, wind and rain, water and dirt repellent, increased wearing comfort, active breathing and easy care.


Created from the next generation of Japanese technology, durable yet soft and lightweight. Extremely breathable and durable, thanks to its mini ripstop structure.

Waterproofness: 20,000 mm H2O

Breathability: 15,000 g/m2 – 24h


Down is considered the best thermal insulation due to its extremely lightweight and compressible heat retention to weight ratio. Our white duck down is of the highest quality 90/10 with standard fill power of 700 US. This garment keeps you warm thanks to its feather filling, which has the ability to hold (and warm) the air, keeping you warm around your body.


The best of the best in synthetic insulation.

PrimaLoft is the ultimate microfibre insulation, incredibly water-resistant, quick-drying, lightweight and with a high warmth-to-weight ratio.

Primaloft absorbs less moisture from the start, so you stay drier and warmer thanks to its hydrophobic properties. And, if you’re never in wet conditions, it’s +24% warmer than other insulations.

It gives you all the warmth you need with little weight and can easily be stored in small places.


High performance insulation to defy the elements.

PrimaLoft Silver is a microfibre insulation that is incredibly lightweight, soft to the touch and water resistant. Hydrophobic properties wick away less body moisture, breathability stimulates your stride and keeps you drier and warmer. It gives you all the warmth you need with little weight and can easily be stored in small places.


The original thin, light and warm synthetic insulation.

3M TM Thinsulate TM insulation is warm yet lightweight, powerful and thin. It helps trap body heat while allowing moisture to escape. 3M TM Thinsulate TM insulation was invented to make life more enjoyable in every season. Since then, we’ve removed the boundaries and bulk that prevent the strength and vitality of the outdoors.


It is a wool fleece made of long, straight or light fibres, which is strong and soft. Through the special Oxy-wash treatment, the scales of the wool are removed without damaging the structure of the fibres. Thanks to this environmentally friendly process, the fibre of the fine Tyrolean mountain sheep’s wool becomes soft, hygroscopic and breathable. Chlorine free.


Our proactive insulation.

TS-Tech Padding is our high-performance technical boot.

Constructed from thin, thermobondable microfibres, processed using advanced technology, it allows the creation of a low volume material, which has unique thermal insulation properties and is very soft to the touch.

And thanks to its breathability, you’re always dry and warm.